Welcome to RISE

RISE is a fresh approach to healthy living in Sydney. Combining the essence of fitness, strength, nutrition and relaxation, you'll feel better from the day you start with us. In fact, we aim to make your visit to RISE the most enjoyable part of your day!

Why? Because it's time for you! We help you shift your awareness from the many distractions of your busy life and turn it inward. Sure, you'll feel better in the future when you are looking fantastic and feeling fit, strong and flexible, but what is the point if you have to torture yourself to achieve it?

You'll get results fast, not through punishment and denial, but by the simple act of harnessing your attention - then expertly applying it to your health and fitness.

Your body doesn't want to be out of shape, overweight or unhealthy. It's inefficient, uncomfortable and just plain hard work to exist this way. It wants to move, bend, stretch, breathe, live! Just watch any five year old child playing and you'll remember the kind of things your body was designed to do.

RISE is a scientifically developed, systemised method of restoring the vitality and freedom of movement you were born with. It will improve your Power, enhance your Shape, increase your Energy, revitalise your Breath and refresh your Mind.